Neti Pot

Nasal Douche

Advice for Nasal Douching


Nasal douche can help with dry nose, nasal crusts, or catarrh. You can use pre-made preparations (e.g. Sinusrinse from Neilmed) or make your own.


If are using nasal drops or spray please apply these after using the nasal douche.


Use a mug (250ml / 8 oz) of water which has previously been boiled and allowed to cool down. Add ¼ teaspoon of pickling salt or sea salt or canning salt (table salt can be used but as it has some additives it can sometimes be more irritant) and ¼ teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (not baking soda). Mix well.


This solution can be applied to the nose by sniffing from a cupped hand or from a dropper/spray bottle. It is possible to buy empty droppers, spray bottles or Neti pot (which are designed for gentle nasal irrigation) from your local chemist/pharmacist or online. An alternative approach is to obtain a proprietary saline douche bottle e.g. Sinusrinse by Neilmed and refill this bottle with your own solution as required. This particular bottle is squeezed while attached to one nostril until the fluid fills the nose and pour out of the other nose.


Saline douche can be used as frequently as required. For example, 3 times a day. Occasionally if the nose has hard dry crusts it would be necessary to douche the nose just prior to a shower or bath.  Following the bath or shower the nasal crusts will be softer and the nose can be douched again. The treatment can be continued long-term as required.


Make sure your saline douche container / dropper is cleaned regularly with bleach (and thoroughly rinsed and dried) to keep it clean. It is advisable the container is stored upside down with the top removed to prevent stale water collecting in the container.