Patient 4

Good morning Dr Rejali,

I'm emailing to give you some feedback following my last appointment. We discussed that I was quite sensitive to many things so thought I would let you know of a few confirmed things that I know I'm sensitive too and a few things that have helped me (which may or may not be useful for future reference).

Things that make my MSD [Migraine Spectrum Disorder] worse:

Chocolate (small amounts seem to be ok)

Icecream (unsure whether its the dairy content or the coldness)


Cold and/or wet weather

Low air pressure

Windy days (even if I'm not exposed to the wind)

Strong odours (however I seem to be fine with some perfumes/aftershaves so it may be a sensitivity to a certain ingredient)

Overall I would say the main thing that affects me is the weather.

Also, I have recently experienced quite bad hayfever (I have never had hayfever in my life). I've started taking Loratadine which has not only helped the hayfever symptoms but also seems to relieve a few others symptoms (tense headaches, sinus pressure, stuffy nose). This has led me to think that maybe some of the symptoms I have been experiencing are due to allergies (probably dust/dust mites). I also flush my sinuses/nose often with isotonic saline nasal sprays which also helps. Anyway, I try my best to avoid the above things and things have improved.

Just though that the above may help someone in the future.